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I am driven by a strong curiosity and passion for the human experience in mind, body and spirit and committed to translating the many elements of ancient and contemporary healing modalities into a down-to-earth language.


I genuinely believe in the healing power of kindness, gentleness and love. First for the Self and then sharing it with others. This is why I specialize in creating holistic self nurturing routines with a focus on emotional, hormonal and spiritual health.

I am all for accessibility and inclusivity through mindful content creation by merging my background in communication design with my expertise in Yoga, functional movement, Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation and spirituality. I create for people from all walks of life, offering tools to safely navigate their emotions as well as their physical and spiritual health.


I derive my content from over a decade of adventurous self exploration and many years of leading yoga and movement classes, workshops, courses and retreats here in Berlin and all throughout Europe. For my professional background find out more in the experience tab :)



Self Nurturing for 

Emotional  ∞ Hormonal ∞ Spiritual Balance

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